Sunday 28 February 2016


Ah, those who complain that the BBC is obsessing about Westminster Bubble gossip about personalities and party splits - rather than focusing on the important issues surrounding our membership (or otherwise) of the EU - will doubtless have groaned loudly at Andrew Marr's opening words today, promising an even-handed focus on Tory splits and Labour splits:
The knives are out and flashing. Leading Tories who want us out of the European Union are now in no doubt about the Prime Minister's anger. He thumped Boris in the Commons and Michael Gove has been warned off. Are the Outers up for the fight? I'm joined today by Iain Duncan Smith. On the EU he's one of David Cameron's sternest cabinet critics. But we mustn't think of this as purely a Tory story. Angela Eagle, one of Jeremy Corbyn's big hitters, is strongly pro-EU. Can she really claim, however, the same for her leader?
And those who think the BBC is Trumpophobic might also have groaned at what came next - a clip from the forthcoming interview with American actress Uzo Aduba (of the 'hip' Orange Is the New Black fame) where Andrew Marr asks her what she thinks of Donald Trump and she laughs uproariously. 

The full question turned out to be: 
You're an American. We're very, very pleased to have you here in London. When you go back home are you going to be happy with Donald Trump as your next president?
After her laughter subsided she said she's "in deep support for" Hillary Clinton. (Surprise, surprise!)

Update: In fairness though, the interviews with Iain Duncan Smith and Angela Eagle did focus heavily on substance instead of Westminster Bubble-related goings-on. They were much more interesting as a result.


  1. Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing Beeboids taking pains to point out how they have to keep from being biased? This time it's Marr saying they're hyping up the Tory infighting because it's their job. He didn't stop anyone from stressing "Blue on blue" attacks, but the awareness seems to be there on the EU.

    Of course, the bias is still ingrained, so they talk about Tory Splits! and UKIP Splits!, but nothing about how fractured Labour is. At least the Tories are publicly split only on the EU, whereas Labour is split on Trident and the EU and leadership. Yet all Marr can say when introducing Angela Eagle is that Labour leadership (Corbyn and McDonnell) doesn't quite have their heart in it.

    Marr then let Eagle spout the usual lies about how leaving the EU would mean a return to a Dickensian dystopia. A very weak challenge on wages was the best he could manage. He also didn't dare challenge her BS point that because Norway and Switzerland have a higher percentage of immigration it's proof that being out of the EU is worse than being in. Of course that's all down to leadership, and both countries are regretting the decisions of their leaders now. Then more propaganda getting off topic, so Marr brought in back to immigration. What's Labour going to do about it? Waffle, apparently. I'm not actually sure what point she was trying to make, and neither was Marr. It was all pro-EU propaganda, not very well stated, and no challenge from Marr. It ended with a little light humor, trying again to get Eagle to say something nice about Corbyn.

    "You are so predictable, Andrew."


    Marr did manage to challenge IDS's points on trade and the percentage of British businesses that trade with the EU, and he kept on challenging. Three times, IDS had to fend off an interruption before getting to the second sentence of his answer. Marr wouldn't even let go the original point about the 'Single Market' (a very key point, maybe the most important of all, which I hadn't quite grasped and will remember), because he didn't like losing that argument. In fact, he managed to challenge every single one of IDS's points one way or another. Towards the end there He even told the lie about the French putting everyone at the Calais 'Jungle' on the Dover ferry or send them through the Chunnel. Plus pushing Wee Jimmy Krankie's threat for a Scottish referendum after Brexit. That's how desperate he is. Completely the opposite of how he handled Eagle.

    You are indeed so predictable, Andrew.

  2. I am a British person.

    I would like Andrew Marr to ask me if I am happy about a unique funding mechanism that compels payment to an organisation I am not happy with.

    An organisation that purports to speak for me when it does not, and presumes to use my nationality as part of its branding.

    Andrew may not be pleased with my answer.

    Which is why Andrew's people would make very sure I am never asked.


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