Saturday 20 February 2016

Ze flashing knobs, ze flashing knobs!!

The man after whom the 'selfie' was named 

In the spirit of Will Self today...
Zut alor!! Wot ze 'eck wos zis veek's From ze Fax to ze Fixion on abart on your BayBayCay Radeeoh Quatre? 
And if you felt any twinge of embarrassment on reading that last sentence then you'll know how I felt listening to Will Self's god-awful Popping Out this evening. My toes are still uncurling themselves.

Radio 4's favourite prolix, opinionated popinjay Will Self wrote it and acted it himself. It was Self, self, self all the way. The only thing he didn't do was sing the theme tune. 

And as one of our English poets (almost) put it, "He do the foreigners in different voices". Embarrassingly. 

The reviews on Twitter are firm but very fair:
Will Self on @BBCRadio4 now, performing an old 'Allo 'Allo script with all the jokes taken out.
That was dire. Was Will Self trying to sound German?
Behind it all was an Emma Thompson-style hate letter to the United Kingdom, full of lefty digs. (Nigel Farage was mocked, of course).  

This week's From Fact to Fiction therefore effortless raises our running tally to 6 episodes for the Left, with no obvious agenda (disputed), and a big fat (undisputed) for the Right. 

The pro-left bias continues, seemingly ad infinitum.


  1. I was thinking about what I wanted to eat for an early meal before clicking on this, but now I've lost my appetite. They really don't care anymore, do they? It's not even remotely possible for them to claim balance over the long term.

  2. The only good thing about the programme was that any fatuous lefty-liberal point was lost in the inadvertent comedy of Self's appalling accent (meant to be a kind of Flemish accent would be my guess) and inability to act.

  3. As part of the cuts, Tony has created the role of Head of Knobs. Apparently.

    Not a title to be shortened in any way, this vital role enjoys only twice the salary of the U.K. Prime Minister.

  4. He`s a spineless louche parody of a clever cynic-so the BBC love him.
    A drug casualty whose only claim to being in the liberal slipstream is that he did drugs on John Majors campaign trail in 1992.
    The Good Rebel in cadaver form...and should be used by schools to show what brain damage results from not eating your greens, unless in hash cake form.
    Still though-in the New Statesman the other week-I distinctly remember him being "racist" in "demonising" asylum seekers who end up on Tunisian beaches,and claiming to be Syrian.
    Was surprised that the New Statesman let it through-can only imagine Owen or Laurie aren`t allowed to check ole` Mr Wraiths copy in the spliffroom.
    Still-probably still yellowing on your local library dirty mags section-certainly don`t see anybody reading it anymore.
    Bloody hard getting the Spectator though-which is as it should be.

  5. It was very odd, a bit like listening to someone who was very drunk and mistakenly believing that he was being very funny, because everyone listening was to polite to tell him to shut up. There was a time, a very long time ago, when Will Self was a good writer, but he has become the archetypal crashing bore.

    1. You thought "very drunk". I thought "on drugs". No one at the BBC obviously dared to tell him that his programme was - as he might put it - excremental in the extreme.

  6. ...or as he might put "It was dripping at the mouth with invitations to was a glistening cornucopia of vomit-provoking produce drawn from the four corners of the hallucinatory micro-world inhabited by the author's diseased cerebellum...a veritable bien pensant bubble of soapy pseudo-intellectualism...a" etc etc.

    1. And to think Radio 4 came within a whisker of making him their official 'writer in residence' a few years back.


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