Sunday 28 February 2016

"What's your Christian case for staying in Europe?"

Before leaving Sunday, the programme closed with a discussion about the EU referendum with Michael Sadgrove, emeritus dean of Durham, representing Christians for the EU and Adrian Hilton (of Archbishop Cranmer fame) representing Christians for Britain. 

Obviously, that's an even-handed selection of guests and, to do him justice, Edward Stourton handled their political-theological discussion fairly.

My one criticism here is that Ed did that thing that pro-Leave people find so infuriating - and he did it in a question to his pro-Remain guest:
Michael Sadgrove, what's your Christian case for staying in Europe?
As Adrian Hilton later pointed out, no one wants to leave "Europe"; they simply want to leave the European Union. 


  1. "My one criticism here is that Craig did that thing that non-pedants find so infuriating."
    Everyone knew what Stourton meant without having to state the bleeding obvious.

    1. No. You are completely wrong. Most people don't have a clear idea of who is in or out of the EU so they won't know what is meant by "Europe" in that context. It is part of the indoctrination process to always refer to "Europe" when the EU is meant. It's something the EU encourages. Even when it was an exclusively West European association, it referred to itself grandiosely as encompassing the whole of Europe.

    2. This 'everyone' of whom you speak, anonymously... would that more accurately, nay, pedantically, be more 'you'? A bright future with the BBC beckons.

  2. What's your Christian case? Hmmm. Sounds like St. Giles made an impression with someone on Question Time.

    "What's your Christian case for banning abortion?"

    Yeah, me neither.

    Sometimes the BBC quite likes it when people inform political decisions with their religious beliefs. When it suits their agenda.

  3. Acts 17.26.
    The only biblical basis that the Christian needs.
    The eras and the national borders are His!...not to be negotiated away for Pope Francis and the solidarity of the social gospel types who run the EU..when not persecuting a Bulliglioni whilst welcoming Mr Cherie Booth into the fold.
    As yet-not one church monkey has far as they are concerned the New Testament is a love shack for Islam.
    But last year the Med ran red with Coptic Christian blood as IS vowed to take Rome-as if Rome wouldn`t roll up the Persian carpet to welcome then anyway.
    No Bible no comment-don`t tell Stourton eh, he`ll need to keep his bell tent open for the bedwetting church types like Giles Fraser and Steve Chalke...until Islam comes a calling anyway.


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