Saturday 6 February 2016

From Fact to Propaganda (again)

Talking about Shami...

What has BBC Radio 4 got in store for us this week on From Fact to Fiction, following Shami's pro-migrant piece of agitprop last week?

Given that the three previous episodes, as I showed few days ago, were also full of left-wing messages (on Donald Trump, the migrant crisis and David Bowie!), this seemed to show a strong pro-left bias on the programme's part. So you might expect something to balance that this week? (Well, you might if you didn't already know the BBC too well!)

Its author, Dan Rebellato, is jokily advertising it on Twitter:

...and it could well be pretty funny as his website contains the following introduction, which certainly made me laugh:

As if anyone (especially a blogger!) would ever think of going to someone's webiste to 'gather ammunition for a vicious ad hominem attack'!! No, no, no, that never happens!

No, I actually learned from Dan's Twitter feed that he really is an out-and-out lefty. (So there!)

I also learned that he's got something of a Trump obsession. (He's not a fan though).

So, I'm expecting a darkly comical, point-making, anti-austerity From Fact to Fiction from Dan Rebellato...

...making that 5 out of 5 left-biased episodes of From Fact to Propaganda in a row (the entire series so far).

How very BBC Radio 4 of them!


  1. Nice work, Craig. More evidence to fight the BBC at their own phony numbers game.

  2. Of course it's the people at the front - in news and current affairs - who take a lot of risks in delivering biased news for the BBC in the face of the facts. But we shouldn't forget the thousands behind them who do valuable work in drama, children's TV, local radio, lifestyle programmes and so on - making sure everything is unbelievably PC wherever you that you may actually believe you are living in PC la-la land (until of course you step foot outside your front door).


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