Sunday 21 February 2016

Look who turns out to be pro-EU after all!

Here's something I learned today, that old hands at 'BBC watching' might find interesting - even though as she's no longer a BBC journalist, this isn't really directly related to the issue of BBC bias.

If you read through the list of members of the Advisory board of the pro-EU Centre for European Reform think tank, you'll find many an expected pro-EU name: Roland Rudd, Lord Robertson, Timothy Garton Ash, Sir Richard Lambert, Lord Haskins, etc. I was a little surprised though to see the name of a former BBC economics editor there too: namely Chief Market Strategist for the UK and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management (as she is now), Stephanie Flanders.

I was only a little surprised though. I remember some of her reporting. 


  1. You don't get to be called Flanders and not be pro-EU. :)

  2. Of course "Two Eds" in in the mix. She's got the right top-down economics bona fides (Lawrence Summers, Harvard, devout ├╝ber-Keynesian), and is there to give the "Too Big to Fail" parasite banking viewpoint. It's a very important part of how the EU functions under the hood. Too bad for them her recommendations are usually wrong.


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