Saturday 13 February 2016

"Now people may not always like this but..."

Martine Croxall strikes again!

Last weekend, appearing surprisingly exercised about the issue during an edition of The Papers, the BBC News Channel presenter gave us her views on human rights (in relation to an Abu Hamza-related story in the Telegraph) and on why we in the UK need the the European Court of Justice:
It comes down to that idea that you can pick and choose who you allow to have human rights. And I don't think the law allows that. 
Well, that's why we have it {the ECJ}, isn't it? To tell us what we should be doing in this country, to keep...checks and balances so that everyone has the laws applied to them.
They weren't devil's advocate-style questions either. They were statements. 

Last night, during a The Papers discussion of a piece in the Daily Mail (8:29 in), she became animated again and said slowly (and with some feeling):
Now people may not always like this but...even criminals have human rights!
It does make you wonder whether there's something behind this.


  1. I'll state my thesis again. Probably married to leading human rights lawyer, or mummy or daddy were one.

    I did find this:

    "On 3rd December 2014 Myriam Hunter-Henin took part in the Sakharov Debate chaired by BBC presenter Martine Croxall on Religion and Human Rights. "

    Working on the Wogan Principle, she was probably paid for this.

    Has she had similar gigs?

    1. There does seem to be some personal connection. The opening Summary on her husband's LinkedIn page begins:

      "Stephen Morris is the founder and managing director of the Facilitator Agency.

      He has worked for twenty years in the public, private and third sector. Stephen has vast experience of delivering in the criminal justice system around rehabilitation of offenders and training professionals, specialising in high-risk offences."

      And she is his company's secretary:

  2. This is one of the other scaremongering talking points from the Remain campaign, coordinated by David Cameron's office, with the BBC an enthusiastic mouthpiece. The talking points as I see them are as follows:

    1. Economic Disaster: No One Will Trade With Us
    2. Economic Disaster: Banks and Businesses Will Leave
    3. Economic Disaster: We Won't Get the Much Needed Migrant Labour Britain Needs to Grow Stronger
    3. Immigration Nightmare: France Will Move the Calais Camp to Dover and We Won't Be Able to Control Our Borders
    4. Human Rights Disaster: The EU Human Rights Act Is the Only Thing Standing Between Us and a Descent Into a Fascist Police State As There Have Never Been Any Decent Human Rights In Britain Without the Wisdom of the EU.

    I would say you can group nearly all BBC coverage of the EU referendum under these categories.


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