Friday 26 February 2016

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Fans of far-left, Syriza-obsessed former Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason will be pleased to hear that he's now leaving left-leaning Channel 4 News.

Why? Because even its demands for him to pretend to be impartial are proving far too onerous. 

According to the Graurdiannhe's going freelance - in order to be as biased as he likes.

And good on him I say...

...though I bet he didn't see it coming.

My own favourite post of mine here at ITBB (oh, how modest!) was my review of one of his appearances on Radio 4's annual BBC Correspondents Look Ahead. I think I proved that Paul is even less of a successful prophet than Karl Marx.

Occupy, occupy, occupy!

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  1. Sorry, but Mason is scum. The one time I've seen him be intelligent and put common sense (never mind impartiality) before ideology is when he (in his C4 job challenged some Hamas mouthpiece on whether or not all the missiles and suicide attacks were pointless and actually harming the heroic Palestinian cause because it gave Israel an excuse. He was asking what all of that had ever accomplished, and rightly so. Never seen someone put it quite like that while being employed by the BBC. Mason didn't even frame it according to how it affected the wurking klass.

    No more credit to him other than that, as far as I know.


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