Saturday 20 February 2016


So, the BBC Natural History Unit - possibly the BBC's most trusted brand - has been found guilty of serious editorial breaches by the BBC Trust for faking some of the footage in two landmark documentaries. 

As others have said, the really astonishing thing about this is that the BBC is now forcing all its natural history programme makers to go on a 'fakery prevention course' - as if it should actually need drilling into their heads that such fakery is wrong.

It's a funny old organisation, the BBC, at times. 


  1. A 'fakery prevention course'? How about starting with Jon Donnison and then all the Beeboids physically reporting from Israel and the West Bank/Gaza, then on to Kevin "Teabagger" Connolly, Franz Strasser, Nick Robinson....

  2. It can all be sorted in post. Apparently.


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