Sunday 21 February 2016

Sunday, flipping Sunday

I'll be fairly brief (for once):

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 was its usual left-leaning, liberal, Catholic-obsessed self.

Today we got:

(1) An Irish atheist sociologist on how social change in Ireland is making the country more liberal and shrinking the influence of the Catholic Church.

(2) A bit on sin where the interviewee said that 'sloth' should be understood to mean 'overworking' (!).

(3) A complaint from an Anglican bishop that his Church is "abandoning the poor" for "a preferential option for the rich" and his call for the Church to become more socially active.

(4) A piece on Sikh feminists, donning the turban for the sake of equality and against patriarchy.

(5) An interview with the (Catholic) head of Stonewall to mark LGBT History Month. 

(6) A report from Mansfield on Syrian refugees there - all Muslims by the sound of their names. One, Abdul, is grateful for being let in but feels isolated, especially because :
...he's away from the community here in Mansfield. It doesn't feel...there are no halal shops very close to where he lives, so...the Muslim community, the Syrian community, there aren't many here in Mansfield, so that increased the feeling of isolation.
(7) A interview with a Catholic priest and an Anglican writer about celibacy, prompted by Ed Stourton's Panorama on John Paul II's relationship with women. (He didn't mention his own role in that, just as William Crawley didn't mention his involvement last week. How very discreet of them!)

P.S. Ed's John Paul II story is the lead in The Tablet this week:


  1. Typical BBC air buffet-with the same old issues going round the baggage carousel with nobody interested enough to pick up on any of the BBCs cultural baggages.
    1. Ireland binning their catholic heritage for same sex abortion rights?...the BBC would pray for that if they knew what prayer was.
    2.Lotus eating, lilypad hopping? at our expense-saves the planet maan. Let the beige civilians get bled dry for your hammock or your White Dee disability scooters.
    3. Not enough social justice man, here`s Giles Frasers font to use as a bidet...
    4See?...Sikhs are only Muslimahs in embryo-and , insh`Allah...the REST of us will consign OUR girls to stuffing the Patriarchy, by forcing girls into Mos lap dancing clubs.
    5. Is it EVER not LGBTB/NBQCTGF day-week month-ERA? any given point on the BBCs calendar
    6. Poor sod should try putting up a UKIP poster in his window...THAN He`ll know what isolation is-and it`s not red doors but broken windows you`ll need to address.
    7. The Pope was led by his gonads when not bringing down the wall, saving his country and seeing out the Soviets alongside Maggie and Ronnie. The liberal left will never forgive ANY of that Holy Trinity.
    But all implications, gutter trawling?...all in the best possible taste, in that extreme unctuous tone of Posh and pointless Edward Sturgeon.
    Ta Craig-am hoping to last more than 149 seconds next week...and hope you`re logging how Lawson, Soubry and Galloway were harried today on the BBC...but all gave more than they got, and a few Beeboids lie in the mud of Flounders now!

  2. Here in Oz, meanwhile, the leftist elements ascendant at the BBC continue to rule the ABC. This, for instance, will sound familiar:
    (Andrew Bolt is a popular conservative columnist; Q&A is our version of that show of the Beeb's with Richard Dimbleby's heir apparent asking the questions.)


    1. What was Tim Stanley doing on Thought for Today? He may be a Catholic convert, but otherwise he seems to be a bog standard journo. I thought the slot was for people who had claimed to be clerics, experts on religion or spokespeople for particular religious groups. If Tim Stanley is being invited, presumably any journo with some vague religious belief can qualify now. I only mention it as it may become a vehicle for yet more Guardian folk to deliver secular style sermons, now that Stanley can be cited as a precedent.

    2. Maria Margaronis (of the Guadian and lefty US mag The Nation) was on the BBC last night railing against Hungary's migration policy.

    She refers to Hungary's immigration policy as "hardline" and "extreme" yet it's really no different from our own, only the people on the other side of "the wire" are in Calais and Zeebrugge, thanks to our friend the sea.

    It was extremely unbalanced account and sneering as well. Towards the end, as usual we had the usual undocumented claims of harrassment from the members of Budapest's Muslim minorities. The claims may be true, but we only very rarely hear on the BBC (much better documented) claims from Christian and other religious minorities of real persecution (not just harassment but murder, theft, assault and official discrimination) by the Islamic majority.


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