Sunday 7 February 2016

Opinions R Us

BBC News 24 couple of nights ago: Vacant-looking Martine Croxall reviewing the papers with 2 achingly left-wing commentators. Comes to the story about the ECJ forbidding the UK from deporting Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law for terrorist activities due to her ‘right to a family life’.  Martine opines: “That’s why we need the ECJ, to tell us what do do in cases like this”. Her two comrades nod sagely. FFS!
I have to confess that I thought the commenter must have misheard because Martine Croxall isn't stupid enough to say something quite as biased as that. So I watched it myself, as you can do from 10:12 here (for a while). 

The conversation went on much as Chilli at Biased BBC described, with Martine chucking in the odd comment, such as "It comes down to that idea that you can pick and choose who you allow to have human rights. And I don't think the law allows that", until, replying to what James Millar of The Sunday Post had said about the European Court of Justice, Martine said (beginning at 12:17):
Well, that's why we have it, isn't it? To tell us what we should be doing in this country, to keep...checks and balances so that everyone has the laws applied to them. 
And then, with her guests nodding their agreement, she moved straight on to the next story, in the Guardian.

So, yes, BBC News Channel presenter Martine Croxall really did give us her opinion in favour of the ECJ on Friday night's BBC News Channel. 

Wonder how the BBC Complaints Department will explain this one?


  1. Groupthink? What groupthink? No need for a conspiracy or editorial directive or a memo from Lord Hall to keep up the collusion with Cameron necessary if they all think the same way anyway. Proof positive of that, as it's such a casual atmosphere for those who hold the approved thoughts that it didn't occur to her that this was unwise.

    Meanwhile, apparently Cameron has placed a gag order on ministers who would want to support the Out campaign. Criminal behavior.

  2. For someone who gives all the appearances of being brain-dead, Croxall seemed rather exercised about the issue. Husband a big shot human rights lawyer perhaps?

  3. Maybe that's her in the picture praying no one noticed?

    As to BBC Complaints... it's all good. Or will be. The power of belief, see.

  4. And Wiki says "On 13 November 2015, she was the main presenter on the November 2015 Paris attacks for the BBC, having only been expecting to present their show, "The Papers".

    The event seems to have left her completely unfazed by terrorism. One has to wonder what exactly has to happen for her to change her view.


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