Tuesday 9 February 2016

Jeremy Bowen criticises Emily Maitlis

Everyone's a critic. Including Jeremy Bowen. 

Here he is, twittering, on the subject of last night's Newsnight, criticising Emily Maitlis for failing to challenge her guests (feminist Nomiki Konst and Time's Joe Klein):

Jeremy must have forgotten the bit in the BBC's own 'Social Media Guidance for Staff' where it says: "Don't criticise your colleagues."


  1. That's also a pretty straightforward question, backed by observable fact, that sees the BBC move into full 'belief' mode from the off.

    The reason, dear Jeremy, is that anything the BBC does is ok, because it is the BBC doing it.

    Or, in this case, not.

  2. Of course, what Bowen fails to understand is that we mustn't judge a single episode on its own. The BBC isn't obligated to provide opposing viewpoints on every single segment of every programme, challenge every viewpoint at all times. He, like the unwashed masses, must judge the BBC's coverage of the issue in the long term, over several installments.

    This way he would know that the BBC has certainly done segments featuring the idea that men are superior to women, and...oh, hang on.....

    Get the embed code in case he's forced to delete it.

    1. Here it is, David:


      I did wonder whether hanging around all those macho, pro-patriarchy types (Hamas, Hezbollah) influenced his take here...but they're aren't much into 'gender equality' in any shape or form.


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