Saturday 27 February 2016

Back to normal

One swallow really does not make a summer. 

After last week's Dateline London, which caused general astonishment by featuring two strong Outers as guests, today it was back to business as usual with all four guests - yes, all four of them! - making the anti-Brexit case. It was astonishingly one-sided.

That's bad, isn't it?

Then Polly Toynbee, Abdel Bari Atwan, Brian O'Connell and Nazenin Ansari turned their attentions to...guess who?...Yes, Donald Trump.

At least here the consensus broke down a bit. Bari ranted that Mr Trump promotes hatred, violence and war and later compared him to Islamic State's caliph al-Baghdadi. Nazenin Ansari said that was going too far. Bari, as is his way, started talking over her, thumbs a-jabbing, repeating "This is hatred. This is racism" over and over again.

As Sue noted the other day, Bari has recently been complaining about being sidelined by the media because of "the powerful machinations of the Zionist lobby".

Well, "the Zionist lobby" clearly hasn't been doing its job properly because this is Abdel Bari Atwan's third appearance on Dateline London in the past six weeks (23 Jan, 13 Feb and 27 Feb) - a distinction none of the other Dateline regulars has been granted.

Dateline will never let him down.


  1. It's not institutional bias because it's all balanced by the pro-Brexit QT audiences. Or something.

    Stupid Zionist shill Gavin Esler can't even silence Bari Atwan when he has the chance, right?

    1. Gavin Esler is the worst Zionist shill evah.

  2. I'm really troubled that Trumpophobia is feeding the rise of the Far Left.

    Whatever happened to polite discourse? - the norms of civilised debate which mean we don't deliberate seek to hurt the feelings of Trump (which incidentally means "to improve upon" in the original Classical English, and not "to annihilate your enemies" as ignorant Trumpophobes believe, having had their minds twisted by Far Left websites like "Stop the War").

    We need new laws to control Trumpophobic hate speech and we could maybe start by locking up the Dateline panel.

  3. I checked out the headlines on the BBC website EU Referendum page:

    On my count -

    20 Were pro EU/pro Stay

    10 Were anti EU/pro Brexit

    13 Were neutral.

    Anyone else care to count?

    It was interesting to note that the way some stories which could have been given a Pro Brexit headline were treated neutrally e.g.

    "Boris: Why I want to leave EU" (which I marked as neutral) ...if it had been treated in the way Cameron-focussed stories are on that page, then it would have been something like "Boris: Why EU deal falls short" or "Boris: Deal not enough - we must leave".


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