Friday 26 February 2016

Robert and Mary

Though this blog is mostly about (politely) slagging off the BBC, we do like to praise the BBC from time to time.

And In Our Time continues to excel. 

Last week Robert Hooke. This week Mary Magdalene.

It seems that Pope Gregory the Great did a bit of 'reading between the lines' and 'joining the dots' and linked the myrrh-bearing Mary of the Resurrection to the long-haired, tearful, penitent Mary of  the early chapters of the gospels - and Lazarus's sister Mary. And the painters followed.

Melvyn's experts were quite contrary about this version of Mary though.

And as for Dan Brown, well, don't get them started, sistah!

Robert Hooke, that stout Balboa, of course, with eagle eyes (assisted by a microscope), is famed for staring at the the world beyond the naked eye - a world of hitherto wild surmise/Silent, upon a floor in Oxford.

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  1. Agreed that In Our Time is a gem. It has a little bit of left bias but mostly its subjects are treated in an objective manner, with the emphasis on expertise rather than political correctness.


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