Saturday 6 February 2016

Who would have thought it


Some things never change.

The wonderful Daphne Anson has spotted a Twitter exchange between the BBC's Jon Donnison and someone who is apparently the Australia public broadcaster's answer to Jon Donnison: ABC Jerusalem correspondent Sophie McNeill.

JonDon, of course, is famous for being most emphatically not pro-Israel (to put it mildly). 

Recently he's also proved himself to be no fan of Australia's firm immigration policy (also to put it mildly).

Here he manages to combine both sentiments in just one short, ever-so-impartial reply:


P.S. For those wanting some up-to-date evidence of JonDon's reporting of Australia's migration policy, there's his 'analysis' on a BBC report from a couple of days ago, Australian churches offer to take in asylum seekers. Describing the situation regarding a couple of hundred or so migrants now facing being sent back to Nauru, he writes - starting with that stand-by phrase for biased journalism "Many would think":
Many would think the government would be concerned about the negative coverage the story has generated internationally, with Australia being portrayed by many as cruel and lacking in compassion. 
But ministers also know that domestically, their tough policies towards asylum seekers have broad public support.
Who is that "many"? Not that many in Australia by the sounds of it. Probably not many in the UK either.

His next sentence reads:
The headline in one of Australia's best selling newspapers, Sydney Daily Telegraph, this morning was "Turn Back the Kids."
And his view about that is made perfectly clear in another of his ever-so-impartial tweets - this one a highly sarcastic affair:


  1. And so, boys and girls, we learn that relentless demonization of Israel can lead to outright anti-Semitism.

    Jon Donnison has played the Jew-Money card. I got the embed code, so he can't send it down the memory hole if called on it. Screen grabs are fine, but embed code is indisputable proof.

  2. While we're looking at this loathsome twitter feed, what do you make of this?

    1. Blimey.

      That Twitter feed has been going since 2010 and highly active. And now they send out a tweet plugging themselves and crediting Jon Donnison for their stories.

      I will look into this.

  3. Tiny Israel's policy is no different from that of Australia, Japan, China, India or Saudi Arabia. For some reason it gets disproportionate attention.

  4. Shocked I tell you. Shocked!

    I have some replies to treasure from BBC Complaints having on occasion inquiring politely as to how they feel about his body of work, especially various efforts that seem to streeeeetch BBC impartiality guidelines to DNA-snapping degrees.

    Their thoughts on this might be interesting.


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