Saturday 6 February 2016

Almost a dead cert

True story...

Just checking out the running order for tomorrow's Sunday on Radio 4, this is the first item listed:
The Israeli government has announced plans to build a mixed gender prayer section at the Western wall. Campaigners are celebrating a groundbreaking decision, but Palestinians, the ultra Orthodox and archaeologists are not happy. We hear from Anat Hoffman from "Women of the Western Wall". Journalist Judy Maltz gives us the background.
My immediate thought on reading that, knowing the BBC, was to place a non-monetary bet with myself (a win-win situation for me) that "journalist Judy Maltz" would be from Haaretz, Israel's low-circulation left-wing newspaper. 

It's nearly always Haaretz with the BBC.

And lo and behold!...

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  1. I must be getting old. When was the Wailing Wall converted into the PC "Western Wall"?


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