Saturday 6 February 2016

"Stories via @jondonnisonbbc"

David (in the comments section of the previous post) has grabbed the embed code for a truly intriguing tweet:

Now, as you'll see if you click on their Twitter feed, Team Palestina are activists:

They have a remarkably busy Twitter feed which has been going since 2010 and which has already pumped out 135,000+ tweets, all promoting the Palestinian cause and denouncing Israel. 

And yet there's a tweet from their Twitter account promoting themselves which adds the words: "Stories via @jondonnisonbbc".

What on earth does that mean?

P.S. It's not the first time this has happened:

It could, come to think of it, simply mean that that day's 'Daily News' cited a BBC piece by Jon Donnison - though given that JonDon hasn't been on reporting duties in Gaza since 2014 what exactly would they be citing? His tweets? 


  1. Maybe just fans of his body of 'work'?

    1. That's probably it, Peter. There's a lot to admire about it, from their very partial perspective.

    2. So not exactly "Complaints From Both Sides", then.


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