Sunday 28 February 2016

Gratuitous (II)

In the second BBC Breakfast paper review, the BBC did make it clear where Edwina Currie stands before she made it rather clear herself:
Christian Fraser: We're going to start with Europe, and we should remind people that you are firmly in the Remain camp.
Edwina Currie: I'm 'In' and I always have been an 'In'. I think the European Union is the greatest association of free nations that the world has ever seen...
Christian Fraser (laughing): There's the slogan!
Edwina Currie:...and it's been very, very successful and it will be for many years to come I hope. 
Edwina then made the pro-EU case at some length (for the second time this morning). 

As I'm monitoring all the weekend BBC Breakfast paper reviews between the start of this year and the EU referendum, it will be easy to count how many equivalent voices from the pro-Leave side get to sound off on the Breakfast sofa. (There haven't been any so far),

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