Sunday 7 February 2016


What about Sunday Morning on BBC 1? Politics, religion, ethics. What’s not to like?

The Andrew Marr show was a little bit extra-boring this morning, though.
Jeremy Hunt has an impish expression that makes him hard to take seriously. Is he laughing at us?  He’s like a sprite. I would like to see him in a leprechaun outfit. Or in a Robin Hood hat with a feather, and shoes with curly toes.

Douglas Carswell. What is he like? He sounds quite posh and self-assured. He’s like, like, a politician. He speaks like a politician who is making you think he’s a safe pair of hands. 
All that E.U. hokey kokey. In, out, in out, how you gonna vote?  I’m still shakin it all about.

Jamie Oliver was on about sugar and the obesity crisis. (I don’t know why people buy fizzy drinks. I never have because I don’t like any of them, so neither should you.)

The Big Questions reverted to its three-question format today.  It never really got going. 

The immigration topic never got to the point. It was all emotion and no substance. Dr Brendan Burchell, the guy who said it was morally unacceptable that the UK isn’t taking in more refugees was wearing an attractive moss-green jumper, and the jumper of the man sitting behind him was a similar shade of green. Was this a pure coincidence? What are the chances of that? This somehow interested me more than the actual argument being aired, which seemed to miss the more crucial, salient and unPC aspects of the problem.  

I do wish everyone would stop bringing Kindertransport into the equation. A claxon ought to go off whenever they do that, like on QI.  Get out the minus points! 


As for Sunday Trading, if the demographic trend progresses as predicted the UK’s  Days of Rest will have to be staggered. Sundays and Fridays - and what about the family rights of those seven-day per week hospital doctors we, as N.I. contributors, are entitled to? 
I suppose we could get the migrants to do it. We could leave everything to them. Migrants could host The Big Questions and the Andrew Marr Show, and Nicky and Andrew could spend quality time with their families. 

Andrew Neill was a bit dull today too, though I must admit I went away in the middle. It was funny that Eric Pickles was on so soon after Jamie Oliver. Eric is a one-man obesity crisis, so not mentioning that at all was a kind of elephant in the room. But the topic was the hokey kokey, and it got exceedingly boring.

I did see the bit with Andrew Neill’s good friend George Galloway and the lesser spotted Kinnock, Stephen.   George was hatless, wizened and whiskery, whereas Stephen was hairless, upright and clean shaven.

Perhaps George Galloway has realised that wearing a trilby, both indoors and out is an affectation bordering on mild mental illness. I find all these things, leprechauns, green jumpers, hats and hatlessness very distracting. 

I assume that’s why I‘m never invited on to the BBC to review the Papers.


  1. Play up the lady angle. Got to be worth a try.

    Mind you, Danny Cohen has left the building, and they appear to be quite happy rotating Polly, Shami & that blonde bird with the big black spex.

  2. Your stuff is always worth reading; this piece in particular was so well written, spot-on and most entertaining!


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