Sunday 14 February 2016


Here's something that might make you stop up short. 

(It certainly made me stop up short, as I was on a treadmill when I first read it). 

It comes courtesy of Adam Boulton in today's Sunday Times:
This week the prime minister will come up with an extra £1bn as part of the BBC’s Mental Health Week. 
Eh? Hang on a minute. Just run that by me again please Adam...:
This week the prime minister will come up with an extra £1bn as part of the BBC’s Mental Health Week. 
To repeat myself: Eh?

The BBC runs a Mental Health Week and David Cameron hands over £1bn (of taxpayers' money) as a result. 

What's that all about?

To be clear: Mental health issues seriously need to be raised up the nation's priority list, but...

What's with the PM forking over such a large amount of money apparently just because the BBC is currently running a week-long campaign on the issue? 

That's quite something, isn't it?


  1. Very odd - £1 billion is about £30 per household...a not insignificant sum. First question to the government - what's gone wrong with your budgeting? Why didn't you realise you needed this extra one billion before?

    Certainly no way to run a health service.

  2. Don't say no one has suspected a bit of agreed upon mutual support between Cameron and the BBC, Craig. All part of the deal, I'd say.

    1. I agree with David Preiser, it's a clear-cut case of, 'you do the propaganda on staying in the EU, & I'll back whatever BBC Central is demanding this week.'

    2. I say it goes back to last year's allegedly strict deal between Cameron and the BBC. The BBC got a deal where they can pretend it's been the deepest cuts in human history, even though they've since admitted that they'll come out ahead in the not-so-long term, revenue-wise, and Cameron got to pose as being tough on the Leftie BBC, appease the backbenchers, etc. In exchange, the BBC can ramp up the pro-EU bias, pro-mass, rapid immigration bias, and 'Nowt to Do With Islam' narrative, without fear of Craig Oliver shouting at them over the phone every half hour.

  3. Maybe they came up with new ways to 'dazzle' the prime PR addict now Camilla has been shown to be a dubious call on the public purse.


    What Britain wants from Europe? Presumably they don't mean Norway, Russia, Serbia or Switzerland...

    The BBC know that the use of "Europe" as a synonym for the EU is highly "controversial" (to use one of their own favourite words) in the debate on our future.

    So why do they persist?

    Is it because they can't help themselves?

    Bias confirmed I think.


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