Saturday 28 September 2013

BBC (un)trust

According to OFCOM, more than half of the British people receive their news from the BBC. 

52% use the BBC website, as against 19% who use Facebook and 10% who use Twitter. BBC One is the most popular news source (52%), followed by ITV (13%), BBC News channel (6%), Sky News and the BBC website (both 5%).

However (in less good news for the Beeb), as regards bias and impartiality, BBC TV was beaten by Sky, ITV and Channel 4. 

Oh dear. So, the BBC may be Britain's dominant news outlet, yet the corporation is regarded as more biased and less impartial than all of its main broadcast rivals. 

Hmm, the tide may be turning. 

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  1. Well, The BBC Is funded by the taxes of the British people, so yeah, they have reason to be biased.


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