Tuesday 10 September 2013

Ignore the Right, support the BBC - says a Labour MP

The BBC's usual "right-wing and competitor" opponents must be ignored, states a disinterested political neutral at the Guardian tonight

"We must stand up for the BBC"...
At a time when public trust is so low, the BBC has proved time and time again its resilience. Its founding principles are to inform, educate and entertain. It is truly a public good which, despite everything, continues to be an incredibly successful global broadcaster providing high-quality journalism, factual programming and drama, and keeping journalistic and production values higher in the commercial sector than if it didn't exist. It is part of our national identity – let's stand up for it.
 ...says, er, Dame Tessa Jowell, of the Labour Party.

Quite a few on the Right think the BBC is a public menace, and far too sympathetic to the likes of the Dame.

Such people won't be surprised, I imagine, that she wants Guardian readers to stand up for the BBC.

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