Thursday 12 September 2013

Breaking news

Well, it just goes to show how wrong you can be.

Breaking news on the Sky News website, prominently placed as their third story, tells us that 
The publisher of the Sunday Mirror is being investigated over alleged phone hacking by former employees at the newspaper.
Trinity Mirror said Scotland Yard has informed its national newspaper publishing subsidiary, MGN Limited, that a probe is under way to establish whether it is criminally liable for alleged unlawful conduct by former employees at the weekly tabloid.
Based on past experience, I assumed that - given that this isn't a Murdoch-based hacking story - the BBC News website wouldn't be making much of it. 

Not so.

Breaking news on the BBC News website, prominently placed as their third story, tells us  
Sunday Mirror to be investigated over phone hacking
Police have begun investigating alleged phone hacking by former Sunday Mirror staff, the newspaper's owner has confirmed.
Trinity Mirror said its subsidiary MGN, which publishes the Sunday Mirror, was being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

Update 8.55 That said...

Less than an hour later and the Mirror story has already dropped into the small print section of the BBC's homepage, falling to 6th place in their running order, while it remains one of the four banner headline stories for Sky News. ITV News has it in 4th place. 

So maybe I'm not going to be quite so wrong as I first thought.

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