Friday 27 September 2013

Clever clogs.

Earlier this morning on radio 4 someone complained that the BBC makes a habit of placing opponents on any topic head to head in order to make sparks fly, regardless of the merit or expertise of those involved, a tactic that usually generates more ‘heat than light’; all for fear of committing the deadly sin of boring the audience.

"Hello. I'm Dom Joly. I'm a comedian, and I've also done quite a bit of travel round the Middle East"

The supercilious tone of this programme  “OBJs (sic) Guide to the Middle East” indicated that this programme must have been based on the News Quiz,  i.e. partisan pundits giving their patronising interpretation of the complexities of the Middle East, aimed at an audience with limited intelligence and a short attention-span. They clearly hoped to entertain and enlighten with their wit and wisdom. 

It was as if they were saying “Look at those amusingly naughty boys over in the Middle East. All pointlessly scrapping with each other, like one of those crazy epic movie battle scenes, or those cowboy bar brawls where everyone pitches in without quite knowing why! What are they like? Harharhar”

No, Dom Joly, it’s not like that really. You’re the ones who don’t quite know why. 
And as for the squawking harridan 
who almost sabotaged the whole fiasco with her incessant high pitched cackling that made the already unlistenable all but unbearable, you forgot to mention that she is an apologist for the Iranian regime and a dedicated Israel-basher. 

The Cackling Baroness 

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