Saturday 21 September 2013

Veiling the argument?

Not wearing a niqab

I see that Radio 4's Sunday will be discussing what certainly seems to have been the 'hot topic' of the week (other than red squirrels making a bit of a return) - namely the Muslim veil controversy:
Shelagh Fogarty explores where it [a national debate on the subject] may lead with Dr Sara Silvestri, from City University, London and Mirina Paananen, a student at the As-Suffa Institute in Birmingham.
Given that Mirina Paananen, a Muslim convert who wears the niqab, is against 'banning the burqa' and that Dr Silvestri is also against 'banning the burqa', it seems unlikely that we're going to get much in the way of strong disagreement here. 

I suspect that those hoping to hear a less one-sided debate will have to go elsewhere - somewhere , perhaps, like Harry's Place, where Sarah AB's thoughtful take is prompting a good deal of interesting discussion below the line. 

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