Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Gutter Press

Away from the topic BBC bias (again), I've been troubled for some days now by the fate of a fellow blogger, Fr Ray Blake, whose blog I've been reading for some time.

Fr Blake has been the victim of sensationalist reporting in a local newspaper. A reporter at the Brighton Argus misinterpreted an honest and thoughtful post of Father Ray's concerning his dealings with the poor.  

Unfortunately, things then got even worse. 

The original sensationalist report was taken up by the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, who piled on the completely unjust agony for Fr Blake. (I won't link to those reports). 

As a result, the reporter in question looks unlikely to apologise. His report has been a good career move - if success is measured by the spread of his sensational misrepresentation around sections of the mainstream media and the harming of the reputation of someone who is, by all accounts, a good man and a fine priest.

Thankfully, Fr Ray has his doughty defenders, including on the original Argus thread. Most conspicuous have been Tim Stanley at the Telegraph and Mary O'Regan at the Catholic Herald.

Alas though, it looks as if Fr Ray is tempted to give up blogging as a result of his treatment at the paws of the media wolf-pack. 

That's understandable, but would be such a shame. 

As for all bloggers, there but for the grace of God...

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