Monday 9 September 2013

He's back!

Ah, the Chris Huhne comeback tour, as sponsored by the Guardian, rolls on at the BBC. 

After his appearance on Today this morning, Newsnight is offering him the chance for another Murdoch-bashing outing tonight. 

Is the hand of new Newsnight editor Ian Katz, former deputy editor of the Guardian, being felt? (Was it being felt last week when George Monbiot received an invite, just two days into his editorship?) 

OK, so how did the interview go? 

Well, Paxo may have put him through his paces at the start over his past lying, but when the interview turned to Rupert Murdoch the pressure eased considerably and then became rather gentle over the question of his prison experiences. 

So, on which BBC programme will Chris Huhne pop up next? BBC One's Would I Lie To You? perhaps? Or Top Gear?

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