Sunday 29 September 2013

To quote John McEnroe....

For those of you eagerly following the 'Scottish independence/BBC bias' debate, you might enjoy reading BBC in cahoots with SNP? – You cannot be serious from the pro-independence, pro-SNP Newsnet Scotland website. 

Labour are getting in on the act vis-à-vis accusing the BBC of bias - in this case pro-independence bias. Newsnet Scotland, who spend a good deal of time and energy chronicling what they see as the BBC's anti-independence bias, are incredulous.

One of the commenters there makes a point you might find familiar from other contexts:
This latest accusation is as transparent as it is cynical. It is designed to give the BBC monopoly a 'get out of jail free' card to divert accusations of bias by declaring both sides have accused the BBC of bias.
Whether Labour or the SNP or the BBC are right in this instance, debates about BBC bias often seem to go down this route: One side complains heavily for years. The other side then starts complaining too, albeit less strongly. The BBC calls it a draw, and declares its impartiality proven as a result.

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