Saturday 20 June 2015

A Role Model for the BBC

Michelle Obama visiting a school in (Bangladesh) Tower Hamlets, London

That biased Newsnight coverage...

...of the 'missing' jihadi wives and children, who left ISBAD (the Islamic State of Bradford And Dewsbury) to join ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

...came in the same edition of Newsnight as that appalling Evan Davis interview with Israeli opposition leader, Tzipi Livni - which Sue rightly eviscerated here earlier this week.

I saw some left-wing Twitterers using the hashtag #bbcbias against the BBC for simply interviewing Tzipi Livni - but that says much more about the Israel-hating lunacy of those left-wing Twitterers than the BBC, or BBC bias.

The programme framed the issue as being about a senior Israeli politician being compelled (by Newsnight) to confront charges that Israel is like apartheid-era South Aftica, and - as Sue described - Evan Davis's subsequent interviewing of Mrs Livni was deeply hostile and his line of questioning heavily loaded against Israel. 

It was obviously meant as a hatchet job.


...this one single edition of Newsnight provided plenty of fresh evidence of both the BBC's Islamophiliac bias and its chronic anti-Israel bias.

Quite an edition, eh?

All it needed was for the subsequent section of the programme to, say, drool over Michelle Obama in a heavily sycophantic way!..., which is precisely what followed. As Evan Davis put in in the programme's introduction:
And the First Lady in London gets rave reviews. .What makes a first-class role model?
 ...and, in his later framing of Katie Razzall's report (looking at "the Michelle method"), after outlining Mrs Obama's day, added: 
All in all, a useful day's work, and the very model of a modern role model.
Katie said "we're all interested" when Michelle arrives in town. (Speak for yourself, Katie). 

She selected one short passage from Michelle Obama's speech for broadcast on Newsnight:
Maybe you read the news and hear what folks are saying about your religion and you wonder if people will ever see beyond your head scarf to who you really are.  
No wonder the BBC regards her as a role model! 

The one 'talking head' in Katie Razzall's report - an African-American academic - also praised Michelle Obama and talked about racism.

(Dawn French) Diane Abbott

Then came a studio discussion about how great Michelle Obama is featuring...and, no, this isn't me being satirical...Labour's Diane Abbott, and Michelle Obama's biographer (and former Washington Post reporter) Peter Slavin.

Now, to be fair to Evan, he did add one slightly dissonant note - though I'm not sure the following quote helps the BBC much here!:
Evan Davis: What makes a good role model? Cos Michelle Obama...quite safe isn't she? She's fairly conventional in a way. She's not, you know, like Russell Brand as a role model, or the rappers, or..


That said, I did like Evan's nerdy aside:
Now, the term 'role model' was, apparently, first coined by a sociologist called Robert Merton, who died in his nineties twelve years ago. He was a role model for sociologists because he also invented the focus group, and he coined the phrase 'self-fulfilling prophecy'. Not bad for one career.

And, for the sake of completeness, this edition of Newsnight ended with a piece about the BBC (yes, I know!) - namely Chris Evans's appointment to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. (Evan called the former 'Chris' and 'Mr Evans' and the latter 'Clarkson').

Chris Goffey, former Top Gear presenter, was then duly interviewed to give his blessing to Chris Evans and extol the BBC's "heritage".

Chris hopes it will become less 'laddish', "deserves a bit more gravitas", and will feature more women.

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