Saturday 20 June 2015

A strange question from Anita Anand

Finally tonight, please allow me to quote Anita Anand's introduction to today's Any Answers

Do you detect any whataboutery here?
Now, with the grainy CCTV image of three Bradford women taking their nine young children to a war-zone in Syria still very fresh in all our minds, the question to you this afternoon: What should we do about ISIS's strengthening grip on some of our young people? 
Does the answer lie with the security services, with harsher laws or - as David Cameron suggested this week - with the Muslim community itself?  
And hang on a minute...with Thomas Evans in the news just today, Samantha Lewthwaite not so long ago, which community exactly are we talking about? Who should be taking responsibility? 
The internet is a very powerful tool for groups like ISIS. Can parents - of whatever community - effectively monitor whatever their young people are reading on line? 
The answer to Anita's bizarre question about "which community exactly are we talking about?" is...drum roll, please...the Muslim community. 

I'm not sure why Anita found that such a difficult question. 

Maybe she saw the white skins of Thomas Evans and Samantha Lewthwaite and thought...

...well, Lord knows what she thought. 

It may have had something to do with immigration but, alas, such BBC thinking passeth my understanding completely. 

All I see is a blatant BBC deflection tactic.


  1. "Fresh in all our minds" really gives away the parochial Beeboid mindset. Just because they are obsessed with a topic, they assume we all are. Pathetic !

  2. Ms Anand belongs in Orwell's 1984 as the BBC's (Big Brother Corporation) controller of "Any Newspeak". She shows herself to be terribly controlling. She also clearly can't hide her intolerance of any 'off-message' views her callers may have. Perhaps she hasn't quite grown out of her international socialist student skin yet.


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