Monday 15 June 2015

A striking edit

That article, Dewsbury 'in shock over UK's youngest suicide bomber', has overdone several changes since it was first published this morning.

Newsniffer (thankfully working again) has recorded twelve updates so far. The one that struck me was the editing on a quote from former Labour MP for Dewsbury, and friend of the suicide bomber's family, Shahid Malik.

This is Version 4:

And this is Version 5:

The section that was edited out is the bit where Mr Malik says, "Children need to be taught what is acceptable and not acceptable in respect to Islamic State's ideology".

It's a striking thought that children should be taught "what is respect to Islamic State's ideology" as well as what is "not acceptable", isn't it?

Maybe it's because it was such a striking a thought that a BBC editor chose to remove it.


  1. See, Malik forgot to qualify it as the "so-called Islamic State". Major thoughtcrime right there. It's okay for Theresa May and Gavin Esler to say that the Islamic State's ideology is an unacceptable interpretation of the Koran, so what the hell?

    I used to say on B-BBC that there's an intellectual failure on the issue at the BBC. This is just more proof of it. They really have no idea how to process this and make it fit into their Progressive ideology. Funny and sad.

  2. 12 edits???? And all, no doubt, what the BBC calls #evolvingthestory', when in fact it is them scrambling to ensure posterity (at least the one without Newsniffer access and the knowledge and desire to use it) isn't troubled by howlers they get called out on initially.


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