Monday 15 June 2015

In his opinion...

From BBC News's Jon Donnison:


  1. Pure opinion. And openly criticizing the policy of the country on which he's supposed to be reporting impartially. It's hard to keep up with all of these.

    1. One really should be amazed he is still in BBC employ, until you see the rest of the BBC and how the top tier responds when those below are very, very stupid (I wonder if Jasmine Lawrence is fully back in the saddle now after blowing about every impartiality guideline in the book so publicly?).

      This is pure opinion and his attempt to assign 'damage' on such a basis is outrageous. If I was the Oz Government I'd suggest to the UK government that maybe they'd like their national broadcaster's propaganda warrior back.

      On all interactive feeds he is pushing his lonely outrage schtick, all that happens is he gets a bunch more actual Australians more pissed off with him, the BBC and the UK.

      Not in my name.


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