Saturday 13 June 2015

That reminds me...

Talking of Yolande Knell...

I'm no longer surprised at hearing about BBC presenters and reporters trading on names as BBC employees and engaging is a spot of moonlighting from time to time. Just as long as they take the money and don't say anything they shouldn't say (as prominent BBC representatives), that seem's fair enough to me - and admirably entrepreneurial of them too.
However, what if they take part in an event that promotes something that's highly controversial in their own field of reporting? 
BBC Watch is raising the alarm about BBC Middle East reporter Yolande Knell's pre-Christmas chairing of a Q&A session at a promotional event for Palestinian director Leila Sansour's film Open Bethlehem in London - a film its admirers present as being anti-"occupation" and anti-security barrier. 
What is Yolande Knell doing getting herself involved in the promotion of this controversial pro-Palestinian film?
Has anyone else spotted anything more about this?

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  1. Harriban and Black both chaired Warmist events while maintaining their impartiality as BBC environmental correspondents, so why not Knell?

    Will be the BBC's response.


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