Monday 29 June 2015

Nothing to do with Islam

Please stop calling IS 'Islamic State'!

David Vance has written on Biased-BBC about this morning’s exchange between the Prime Minister and John Humphrys, in particular the bit where David Cameron said: 
I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state,”
Suitably chastised, John Humphrys complied. 
David Vance introduced his post thus:
 “Ok, here’s a curious one in which I defend the BBC against the Prime Minister.” 
and of course, with this I concur.

What I find confusing is this. No, it’s not an Islamic State (yet) but it aspires to be one. (Palestine is not a state (yet) but people keep  calling it Palestine as if it were.) So is David Cameron's objection directed at the fact that we’re prematurely calling it a state, when we hope it never  succeeds in becoming one? Or is it because we don’t like to call it Islamic, because it’s NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM (which is a religion of peace?) 


  1. It has all the marks of a state (and I believe it is about to launch a currency). It is clearly Islamic because its legal system is a very faithful implementation of Sharia law.

  2. No, Fµ¢k that. The BBC is constantly referring to "the so-called" Islamic State. BS BS BS BS BS. And Cameron should resign for saying such a thing.

  3. I just read DV's post on this. I think he's far too kind to the BBC, possibly his personal acquaintance with decent people over there shading his judgment. This smacks of a set up. As DV points out, the BBC already does what Cameron is advising with the 'so-called' BS.

    I say the BBC has been getting massive complaints, and a sympathetic Craig Oliver set this up because effing Cameron is singing from the same insane "It's Un-Islamic, amen" hymn sheet as the BBC. This stinks to high heaven of the BBC actively collaborating with the Government to push a specific Social Cohesion narrative. Exactly the kind Mark Easton described in that video Craig posted a while back.

    Note to the BBC: 1984 was a warning, not a DIY manual.

  4. There is a simpler alternative. Call it DAESH an acronym for al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa’al Sham. Some say calling them DAESH irritates the self-declared Islamic State because it reduces the grandness and splendour of the posturing name they have given to themselves. Another plus.

    THe thinking behind this labeling is expanded on in Daesh it all

  5. How ludicrous for the BBC and our government to constantly proclaim that Isis has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, when infact it has absolutely nothing to do with anything else


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