Saturday 13 June 2015

"Messrs Desmond, Dacre and Murdoch"

Just to put on record an accidental discovery from the BBC Academy's YouTube feed that I mentioned on a previous comments thread...

Here's the start on a BBC Academy video entitled 'Mark Easton - Reporting Race'...
The first one of the six primary purposes laid down in our charter is 'to sustain citizenship and civil society'. The fourth purpose is that the BBC must 'represent the UK, its nations, its regions and its communities'.
These are clearly noble ambitions, obligations upon us. 
But it does mean that the principles which guide our reporting of the world around us are markedly different from those which motivate Messrs Desmond, Dacre and Murdoch. 
The obvious point here is that Mark Easton singles out the editors/owners of the Daily Express, Daily Mail and the Sun and Times as being "markedly different" to the BBC (not the Guardian, Independent and Daily Mirror you'll note).

He is clearly also projecting the BBC as being better than those (right-wing) rags. 

Another glimpse into BBC groupthink there, I'd say.


  1. Good catch, Craig. I've downloaded it just in case. The more of these videos I see, the more I'm starting to think there's another level to expose beyond the tweets simply by quoting Beeboids directly.

    1. The bit where Mark Easton reads out (non-appearing) Peter Hitchens's firm refusal to give the BBC any credibility by participating in what he sees as being a self-puffing BBC project is priceless.

      It's both typical of the BBC to invite Peter Hitchens (the only right-winger in the village for some BBC producers) and then slyly entice the audience to sneer at him when he refuses to play along.


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