Tuesday 9 June 2015


Sometimes here on “Is the BBC Biased?” Craig and I recommend that readers might like to progress onwards and upwards to BBC Watch for a more in-depth version of a topic we’ve blogged. Let’s call ours ‘the beginner’s version’ whereas Hadar’s is ‘advanced’. 
Sometimes we have to wait a day or two, but today BBC Watch has posted part one of a detailed exposition of Avi Shlaim’s contribution to this programme, and I have to say it was worth waiting for.
I devoted but a single paragraph to prof. Shlaim, but now,  please go to BBC Watch and read the full Monty.


There was a special live version of “the Listening Project” this morning. Fi Glover trailed it on the Today programme. They did mention the problem of eliminating people who merely wanted to  rant about some pet grievance, and I couldn’t help recalling this


This morning Today featured an item called something like  “What is it like living under Islamic State?”  (in preparation for the future?) 
 The website has selected a particularly  profound quote from the piece. 
'Media is the most important weapon' (At least the BBC has noted this.)

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