Sunday 14 June 2015

That said...

Hugh Sykes was back on today's The World This Weekend on Radio 4 (with the aforementioned Mark Mardell) and his report from the outskirts of Mozambique's capital played right into Mark Mardell's hands.

(Mark's hands opening with references to King Canute and his pointed attempts to vainly hold back the tide).

Hugh's Mozambican interviewee said "The world is a global world. There's no way of stopping the wind with the hand". 

Hugh's interviewee, a former Mozambican prime minister, advocated (very much in Hugh's words) "enlightened self interest for the Western countries not populist immigration controls".

That Canute-like reference from the former Mozambican prime minister about the wind and the hand was preceded by this from Hugh: 
But before this happens, that's a long-term goal. In the meantime there is political anxiety...panic...about migrants "flooding" countries like the United Kingdom. Do you think that the United Kingdom, and maybe other countries, Northern Italy for example, are saying, 'We don't want any migrants from Africa. We have to stop this'.
"Panic", eh, Hugh?

Hugh's pro-immigration Tweeting is mirrored by his pro-immigration reporting, don't you think?


  1. The way Mardell and others spoke about this issue it was as if no other country in the world is able to prevent illegal immigration, whereas countries like Japan and Australia (like the UK, surrounded by water) are succeeding where we are failing.

    1. JonDon is really giving it his selectively-edited all to make the Australian success look anything but. David Dimbleby may be able to assess the BBC propaganda and censorship intentions behind that.

  2. Depends on what one thinks is in one's own best interest, doesn't it? Their belief is that even rapid, mass immigration of third-world cavemen who will never adapt and always hate their neighbors is beneficial, because shut up, racist.


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