Sunday 21 June 2015

"God's mercy is far greater than extremists you unfortunately bring onto the panel"

Sunday Morning Live also (perhaps inevitably) did a feature on Ramadan, looking at whether the fasting time should be reduced to help "vulnerable people". 

Dr Usama Hasan of the Quilliam Foundation and smirking Islamist blogger Dilly Hussain got into an almighty scrap about it, talking across each other and flinging insults around ("heretic", "fringe", "ignorance", "extremism", "You are an ignorant extremist!") 

I have to say though, that Usama made a good point about BBC programmes like Sunday Morning Live in passing:
God's mercy is far greater than extremists you unfortunately bring onto the panel.
It reminds me of something I wrote about the programme last year:
Sunday Morning Live has always had a tendency to crams its panels with shouty know-nothings, flame-throwers, wingnuts, moonbats and gobshites - and, frankly, I'm only entering into the spirit of the programme by sinking to such levels of abuse here. This particular set of guests was a model panel in that respect - a cast-iron guarantee of a bun fight. 
There were a fair few bun fights today.

Hopefully, Sunday Morning Live will make it a fight to the death next time between Dilly and the Doc. That would be good for ratings.


  1. Thankfully, I missed it but guess they did not discuss the big controversy, in the muslim world, about whether muslims in high latitudes should adhere to the koran in Ramadan or whether they can stick to "Mecca Time". Imams come to blows over this issue !

    1. That was what they were on about (I think). Usama Hasan was worried about the effects of long days for Muslims in Glasgow who can go for up to 21 hours without eating. Dilly Hussain accused him of being "heretical". Thankfully, Dr Hasan wasn't in the studio or it might have come to blows after all.

    2. Did anyone make the point that, ( in my extensive experience in some "muslim" countries, Turkey, Malaysia and Gambia, ) many muslims cheat anyway ? In fact they even joke about it.

    3. I approve!

      No, they certainly didn't mention that. They were far too busy insulting each other.

    4. In Gambia, more devout muslims call the ones who drink alcohol and smoke, and cheat in Ramadan as "plastic muslims", with a smile !


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