Saturday 20 June 2015

Emily Does the Charleston

Today's posts - as you may have noticed - have concentrated on this past week's editions of Newsnight

I think we've already found a high level of bias, but we could be accused of cherry-picking, couldn't we? 

So let's plough on through the rest of it (over the following posts)...

Both last night's and Thursday night's editions discussed the murderous attack on a black church in Charleston by a white supremacist.

I don't think the BBC can be accused of bias in giving such prominence to such a shocking foreign news story, and the testimony from one of the victim's friends, coupled with the broadcasting of some of the families' messages of forgiveness to the killer. was truly remarkable - and an unconscious tribute to the extraordinary spirit of Christianity.

Still, besides the friend of the victim, the other two interviewees chosen by Newsnight were people our friends at Biased BBC might well call 'race hustlers'.

The BBC often turns to such self-appointed spokespeople for African-Americans when events like this happen, and they don't seem to think very much about balancing them with more moderate African-American voices - or anyone else for that matter.

And Emily - in the teeth of her interviewees (including their main 'race hustler') - persisted with the BBC's main theme, echoing President Obama, regarding the need for gun control in America.

Plus, in this age of BBC austerity (about which they're always moaning)...

...why on earth was Thursday's reporting for Newsnight from South Carolina done by the BBC's North America editor Jon Sopel (who did a decent enough job), but Friday's coverage was done by the newly-arrived Emily Maitlis?

Why send her, at licence fee payers' expense, to Charleston for 15 minutes of Newsnight when the highly-experienced Jon Sopel could have done the same job for much, much less cost?

Yet more proof of the BBC's jaw-dropping profligacy (at our expense).


  1. The guy was mentally ill. The end. The second most vicious defender of the indefensible over at B-BBC (dez) always dismisses Islam as an inspiration for any act of Muslim terrorism - even if they are shouting Allahu Akbar and stating outright that Islam directs them to do it - by saying the perpetrator was mentally ill, so religion doesn't enter into it. The BBC does the same thing.

    With Jared Loughner, they tried to pin it on Sarah Palin, even though he was mentally ill. With Anders Breivik, they tried to pin it on Mark Steyn and conservative writers, even though he was mentally ill. Now they're doing it again. If only Dylan Roof had been a Muslim, the BBC would be shouting "But he was mentally ill!!!" at every opportunity.

    Double standards based on their bias.

  2. Dylan Roof was a victim of radical white grooming. How can society work to prevent innocent, peaceful young men like him from turning radical?

  3. Well done Maitlis!
    I myself had Jon Snow to be the first fearless correspondent in the Charleston Hilton...the BBC must have waved their Gold Pass at Heathrow that bit quicker.
    Maybe we should open a sweepstake on the order of lefty troughers who`ll be at the Paris "Les Quatres Saisons" first for the green jamboree in December-none of this lot will be cycling, even though a Snow could easily pay for his own break for Christmas shopping.
    Anybody told the liberal lefty Godless suckies that all who`d have been killed would have been-er CHRISTIANS...not "Black Afro-Americans".
    For we Christians are NOT to identify ourselves as such-we are all one in Christ Jesus, become new creations if we accept the Lordship of Christ(Gal 3.28 etc?;2Cor 5 etc).
    No-only the prejudiced race peddlars and agitprop Dowler dhimmis would dare to use this tragedy to puff up race riots and grievance farmers...the lad would be an atheist eejit on prozac from school like so many others-so THAT would be the common cause of these atrocities(and not only skin colour,which is only one tentative reason).
    Witness Graz, Paris and Copenhagen,Boston and the like...always qualified by sub-judice, don`t leap to conclusion caveats and slitherings...this "vulnerable college teenage student" would NOT be a "murderer", let alone a "man" had he been black or Muslim now would he?
    The liberal media clearly have their playbook-and when it`s in contradiction to the Bible, they can go and rot in hell-as long as we don`t follow.

    1. It used to always be Jim Knockerty who clocked up the air miles at the licence fee payers' expense, but he's been grounded in the past couple of years. The furthest he gets these days are the Isles of Scotland. From swanky hotels in hot places to a hasty picnic with a puffin. How the mighty have fallen!

  4. I dont watch television now, its been a few years of actually learning, learning the truth...if i could detest the BBC any more than i do then i would...gladly, from the dirty phone in scams in the name of charity, the biased reporting on world news, the disgusting licence(spell?)fee,the cover up on what seems to have been the worst ever paedophile this country has had, and only brought to light when he was dead?...''are you feeling the austrity measures the criminal prime minister imposed '? no,your not, and you will once again give yourself and the few special ones a nice anti-austerity rise this year-that is never in doubt!
    Every way there is the people of this country are screwed by the BBC, and its done so glibly, so in your face, because there are some, and a lot of them, who are scared stiff of not paying your dirty fee every year.psy ops and repeats...and so much ill gotten gains to furnish your expensive tastes.....
    Guess what? haaaa,haaa! you'll find out when the whole nation does!


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