Saturday 13 June 2015

"Quiet news day today"

Last night's Newsnight led with the Rachel Dolezal story (American white woman pretending to be black). 

Yes, led with it. 

Newsnight editor Ian Katz anticipated what some people's reaction might be:

It was a somewhat surreal discussion, with the U.S. professor (Laurie Shrage) risking being taken for Godfrey Elfwick in a wig by saying that race is a social construct and not biological, before clarifying matters when challenged: "We're born with certain pigment but how we understand the meaning of that pigment changes from social setting to social setting".

The other studio guests were novelist and Guardian writer Dreda Say Mitchell and Guardian reporter Steven Thrasher.

Oh, and Ken Livingstone's old pal (and former Respect candidate) Lee Jasper was one of the 'talking heads' in the preceding report. 

Are you glad you missed it?


  1. This one is proving good, if head-shaking value. TWO Grauns and Lee Jasper for balance? Surreal.

    The BBC's finest seem unsure quite how to react and are reaching for their Top Trumps chart to see who to side with.

    As to Newsnight, I am currently also watching with keen interest the potential latest, post-Savile/Pollard spat between them and Panorama blowing up over Mo 'no question of an involvement' Farah, pitting two competing branches of BBC testosterone against each other.

    Best summarised on BBBC thusly by 'As I See It':

    "Amusingly, given the rats-in-a-sack version of cabinet responsibility practised by our liberal guardians there at the BBC, that Ceri Thomas of BBC Panorama when challenged with “but given the problems with Lord McAlpine was the BBC right to blah blah Mo Farah” our ceri comes right back with “That was Newsnight!”

    Peoples Front for Judea just bombed the Judean Popular Front"

    ps: Happy to note that... so far today (hope I have not cursed it)... the usual weekend troll assault has yet to kick in.

    1. I must in passing accept responsibility, if only for wishful thinking, for what has now swept again through BBBC. A new batch so far; the regulars cannot be far behind.

  2. Caught the least bit.
    To hear the Florida "expert" confuse the likes of poor James O Brien in trying to see no parallel with the Caitlyn Jenner verbal calisthenics,whereas this Guardian cipher DID see something weird in it all; was joyous.
    Basically skin colour is a social construct-we can be what we like.
    THAT should shut the likes of Jaspers, Team Duggan abd Trayvon Martins shroud stealing compo chimps up should it not?
    Er...No....but don`t ask me why...but FFS-don`t ask these grievance mongers and social sciences shills either...for they get PAID to spout these chocolate fountains of privileged cant...and , of course knit tumbleweed when the hypocrisies and reasoned contortions of syntax get pointed out.
    Gatelys Law still holds
    "No matter what they tell you...what you believe is true"(No Matter What-Boyzone!).
    Works for the idiot Left...and always has done since Red Ken blagged City Hall in 1981!

  3. It's nearly impossible for the idiot Beeboids to openly condemn Dolezal because underneath the minstrel act she holds all the approved thoughts. They literally have no idea what to make of it, can't even conceive of such a thing happening in such an esteemed (by them), politically protected group (the NAACP), so Katz calls it "strange".

    It's not strange at all. I've said it a million times before and I will say it again: "race" is essentially an artificial construct used mainly to do divide and/or control people. What this is really about is exploitation for the purpose of one woman's self-aggrandizement.

  4. This is actually an interesting example of life imitating art.

    In Woody Allen’s film Bananas, his character muses at one point, “If only I’d completed my Black Studies course… I could have been black by now.”

    Miv Tucker


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