Sunday 21 June 2015

Self promotion

Another of the BBC News website's top stories this afternoon (in 6th place, but now slipping down the pecking order), is:

This links to a report about BBC boss Tony Hall's latest pronouncements (on the Andrew Marr Show) - pronouncements obviously so important that Lord Hall's website minions deemed them important enough to make the 'Most Important Stories' section of their home page.

His Lordship seems intensely relaxed about Mr Whittingdale though:
 He added: "He's very direct about the BBC and the licence fee, but John Whittingdale's report when he was chairman of the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) committee said some vey [sic] positive things about the BBC.
"He knows the sector and loves what the media do - and the arts - and it's a positive way to start."

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  1. This had #thatwentwellthen doused on it from the off, and has since plummeted and still plummets.

    As to Mr. W, Lord H may be right to be chilled. Little said suggests any rocking of boats from there.

    I was highly dubious of his 'Future of the BBC' chairing (he shut down any attempts to discuss actual editorial failures, like 28gate), and not much since has revealed he's keen to do much other than secure the BBC's funding by moving from (sort of) optional fee to unavoidable levy.

    Which is a step back in every way.


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