Friday 19 June 2015

Friday night catch-up

It's been a hard day today (at the end of a long and rather intense working week), so please forgive me for the random nature of the following post...

It's catch-up time...


Following on from yesterday's post about the BBC's failure to report the lockdown and evacuation of parts of Watford yesterday due to a bomb scare caused (according to the reports) by "a white man in burka"...

...I'd just add that, 24 hours on, the BBC News website still hasn't reported it.

Since that post of ours was posted last night the Times and the Telegraph joined the list of media outlets which have reported the story (previously including the Guardian, Sky News, the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Daily Express, the London Evening Standard, Metro, ITV news, the Daily Mirror), so the BBC now stands alone.

It is very strange. 

The BBC can be very strange.


Further to yesterday's (other) post about Roger Hearing's FOOC piece about that plucky Gazan ice cream seller...

(...and thanks for all the comments. And, yes, the lone teddy bear on the rubble was, indeed, the only thing missing from RH's piece...)

That 'Roger Hearing Experience' came about as a result of his trip around Israel and the Palestinian territories for the World Service - a mini-series so crammed with bias that we devoted a rather long (and very critical) post to it a few weeks ago.

Roger had been to various places in Israel during his (biased) trip (including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), but FOOC obviously wasn't interested in any 'plucky Israeli' stories from Israel, just the usual award-winning, Israel-bashing stuff.

So that's what we got. As usual.


'Our Steph' (BBC News's Steph Hegarty) has been busy point-scoring on Twitter over the appalling racist atrocity in South Carolina.

There's a lot of point-scoring going on about that at the moment - much of it unsavoury. 

Here's one of her latest 'impartial' tweets:
Point duly scored against her - and the 'impartial' BBC - eh?


  1. Unreal. And no "RT is not an endorsement" escape for her this time. Nobody has complained? On second thought, I don't want anyone to complain for a while yet. The more evidence the better.

    1. Yes, she's giving us plenty of rope to hang the BBC by. Bring it on.


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