Monday 15 June 2015

Someone else's debate

I was somewhat taken aback by the following passage from the BBC article headlined Dewsbury 'in shock over UK's youngest suicide bomber':
By Dominic Casciani, home affairs correspondent

Talha Asmal's family say he was groomed. That makes him, in their eyes, a teenage victim, rather than a criminal or terrorist. 
Ten years ago, the UK had the same debate about suicide bombers from Yorkshire who killed 52 people in London in the 7/7 attacks.
That's not the debate I remember having with my friends and family. Not for one second did we even think of considering any of the 7/7 terrorists as "victims". 

Did you have that debate at the time? 


  1. Thank you for this Craig It's vital to keep highlighting the horrendous manipulation of the BBC as to how we should think about things..

  2. That the parents won’t acknowledge the problem is perhaps understandable, but the position of the BBC is inexcusable. They are unable to criticise Islam for fear of exposing the fraud of multiculturalism, which as card-carrying, self-loathing liberals they peddle ceaselessly over the airwaves.

  3. DomCas is clearly trying to out-Don JonDon in the Capo di Loco Tutti stakes, again indulged over and over again by a BBC hierarchy that simply knows it is immune.

    And while little is new, I am REALLY getting tired of BBC reporters presuming to speak for me and mine.

    This is taking #tellitoftenenough into very dubious territory for a national broadcaster who claims to speak for a nation.

    Look at any interactive blog or thread and his attempt at spin is getting very short shrift from the actual public.

    No wonder David Dimbleby thinks the likes of him and DomCas need to be allowed to practice their noble craft free of grubby intrusion.

  4. It's important to point out, when we talk about "being groomed on the internet" - they may well have been, but there is also countless other news articles on the same internet showing the full horror & realities of ISIS - therefore, it cannot be used as an excuse that those who join do not know about this, and are not "victims"

  5. Remember when the BBC used to try and blame the victims and their parents/guardians who were groomed for exploitation by Muslim men instead of blaming the groomers? Ah, good times....good times.....


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