Wednesday 17 June 2015

"There are own goals. And then there's over head volleying it into your own net from forty yards out"

Here are two takes on the same video - a 50 second video from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

First, here are a couple of comments from Biased BBC:

Haven’t managed to read much of the thread so I hope the following hasn’t already been posted:
The Israeli Foreign Ministry posted this animation mocking the coverage of Gaza by ‘journalists:’
Scroll down a bit for the video.
  • D1004
    Simply brilliant ! Only lacking a bbc voice,( that could be arranged?) and then it would be JonDon or the pillock from Cyncoed.

Now, here's the video in question:

And, finally, here's the take on that video of one BBC reporter:

He's not impressed, is he? Is it a little too close to home?


  1. I'm struggling to see the own goal here. Is it that because Israel has had the temerity to criticise biased reporting those same biased reporters will increase their output in revenge?

    1. It's only an own goal because JonDon says it is.

      Which he does, a lot. Telling. Often.

      Good of him, and others, to bring it to a wider audience, though.

      Some may look at the facts vs. what they reported and see the discrepancy being mocked, even if they still cannot.

  2. The Donnison Index then?
    If we can rile the same kind of lazy pillock with mockery and comedy, then we`ll be doing a good job.
    For a "Home of Comedy"-the BBC really don`t like being laughed at do they?
    The Left-utterly humourless and po-faced...witness the TUC or any of the Labor laugh-ins like Burnham and Cooper.
    Hardy, Toksvig, Steel and Thomas...not a scintilla of comedy between them...yet the BBC insists that they are funny.


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