Sunday 21 June 2015

And on it goes...

A new lead story on the BBC News website in the past hour - placed in 5th place, importance-wise - is...

When you click in, the updated headline is:

Yes, some lawyers representing one of the families have written to Keith Vaz shifting the blame onto the police and Keith has duly pronounced himself "concerned". And the BBC leaps into action.

I'm very strongly tempted to swear at the BBC here, so here goes: Give it a f***ing rest, BBC!

P.S. The solicitors in question are Khan Solicitors of Bradford.

One of them featured on Newsnight last week, the firmly-bearded Balaal Hussain Khan:


  1. Oh dear. I get the whiff of an elaborate compo scheme.

  2. I think it was the second story up on BBC 10 O'Clock news. Still the assumption was that (a) this is a matter of great national concern and (b) that the "authorities" had a case to answer.

    If it wasn't for the poor children involved I think few people in this country would care about their disappearance and no one who is not a follower of the religion, believes the crocodile tears we have been subjected to.

    There is a back story there - what is the age difference between husbands and wives? - which the BBC dare not touch.

    1. And how much did the husbands really know ? Very unusual in Islam for husbands to allow wives and children to travel without them, certainly to a foreign country. It is very un-Islamic. I am surprised the BBC have not fearlessly investigated this. LOL !


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