Sunday 7 June 2015

The BBC at War

I’m going to have to mention this.  It’s in the Sunday Times, but there’s enough visible copy before you hit the paywall to glean that not only did the BBC initially oppose airing Richard Dimbleby’s original report about the liberation of Belsen, but they cut the report short, and for some unimaginable reason saw fit to erase any mention of the fact that most of the victims were Jews.

Jonathan comes up with what he “thinks” is an explanation. “The BBC needed more sources to support what happened to the Jews”, and if you mentioned one group of people and not others........ the others would feel a bit left out?, he didn’t exactly say that. He said: ” “if you mentioned one group of people and not others it might seem biased or wrong.”

The unbiased BBC. April 1945 to June 2015. Anyway I’ll advertise it for him. It’s a two-part documentary starting on BBC 2 next Sunday. 


  1. This is outrageous!!! The BBC have left the Jews out before - this report in 2003 left them out of civilisation !!

    If people don't protest strongly and in large numbers they will continue to do this in line with their policy of putting down Jewish contributions to the world as insignificant and not reporting Israel's amazing contributions to every field of human endeavour.

  2. I wonder, if the Nazis had won, and the UK was today was under Nazi control, what would be the position of the BBC ? I suspect it would be "business as usual ". If the Soviets had won , I suspect the position of the BBC would be the same !

  3. So in simple terms, the BBC has done exactly what Stalin did and airbrushed the suffering of the Jews out of history.

  4. The sickening Marxist Paul Mason is convinced that BBC management is biased in favor of Israel, because they didn't originally broadcast that fake Gaza charity appeal. He is on record, on Twitter, saying so.

    This is proof that he harbors exactly the kind of anti-Jewish sentiment we claim is rife at the BBC. It's also evidence in support of my contention that the BBC is far more concerned about being seen as a Zionist shill than any other kind of bias.


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