Tuesday 30 June 2015

Warning. Turn away now

Luckily I’m not Jan Moir or a high profile journalist who might get annihilated on Twitter, so I’m going to say a mean thing. If you’re squeamish about inappropriate, bad taste remarks, turn away now. 

We just didn't know where to go...

This is it. Congratulations to John Humphrys for his extraordinary professionalism this morning. How does he do it?  
I mean remaining straight-faced during the interview with the Yorkshire family describing their close encounter with the gunman (or men) in Tunisia.
Their eye witness accounts, delivered in the broadest Yorkshire accents I’ve ever heard outside the realms of parody, were garnished with malapropisms and onomatopoeic effects. 

Confusion between the words 'apprehended' and 'reprimanded' provided unintended hilarity. The image of the perpetrator, having shot dead several sunbathers and hurled grenades at others being ‘reprimanded’ made I larf. 
Let’s hope he got a jolly good telling off.  Kudos to the bomb disposable team, whom one hopes might still have some more life left in ‘em. (Before the bin beckons)



  1. "Frightening? It's oonbelieveable!"

    I'm sure it was genuinely terrifying, but I couldn't help imagining a puma cub talking, all eyes and teeth, waving it's paw for emphasis, which kind of took the edge off. All Humphrys could do was worry about accuracy regarding how many gunmen there were? He probably smacked a junior producer in the head for making him waste precious air time with such unwashed oiks.

    This clip is probably making the rounds of Beeboid personal circles for a good laugh.

    1. Ah! Glad I’m not the only one.... I did hesitate before pressing ‘publish’.

    2. I feel bad about laughing at an apparently articulate, observant young girl, and for seeming to belittle the obviously real fear they must have felt. Can't imagine it, wouldn't want to. The amusement is purely in the abstract. To my parochial United Statesian ears, it sounded like quintessential British stiff upper lippedness, just with a different accent than we usually hear. Well done being on the air under pressure like that.

      But the timbre of her voice, the inflections, and those vowels....classic.

  2. I am maybe paranoid in feeling that the BBC have been glorifying in this terrible tragedy. Maybe it is something about the "tone". Beeboids just seem to have a thing about terrorists. Seems like a mental illness to me.

  3. I liked the piece on PM today on the grandparents who had managed, after the atrocity, (for some four days) to avoid phoning back home to tell their family that they were safe. Lots of unintentional humour there as well! :)


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