Tuesday 10 February 2015


 Two updates regarding the subjects of previous threads.
George Galloway is disgruntled and aggrieved about his Q.T. ‘ambush’ (I couldn’t bring myself to read it all) but this caught my eye.
“I know of several pro-Palestinian supporters, Muslims, and Respect members who were turned down in their attempts to join the audience. Fanatic supporters of Israel evidently had no such difficulty.”
which some of us might find kind of ironic.

Look at the comments below the line on Huffpo. Many of them think George is vilified for merely ‘speaking the truth’ about Israel. Oh dear. Many of them are too young and too far removed emotionally from WWll. They aren’t interested  in the Holocaust, they neither know nor care about how it came about, which is something than can only get worse as time goes by. 


The other one, if you haven’t already seen it on Harry’s Place, is the letter to the Bishop of Guildford from The Revd Dr Stephen Sizer. It goes a bit like so:

"Sincerest apologies if I offended anyone and I promise not to do it again for a while although everyone knows what I really (still) think; and I’m still a CofE vicar, and I hope my generous and open recognition that this apology will have to be in the public domain passes for contrition and humility."


  1. Galloway has all the gall! - he's trying to claim that the Christians in Palestine have been forced out by the Israelis. Strange then, isn't it, that the population of the Israeli Muslim and Christian Arabs and Palestinian Muslim Arabs continues to increase...for some reason it's just the Christian Arabs under the control of the PLO and Hamas who seem to be in decline.

  2. George Galloway has always dealt in simplistic arguments, half-truths and downright falsehoods – on all issues, not just Israel. Once he would have been dismissed as a rather vain and silly man, but the ignorance among many of his supporters, of not only the holocaust, but of the whole history and geography of the State of Israel makes him rather more dangerous.

  3. We know the QT producers deliberately set the panels up and select the audience for maximum heat in the interests of "good television", or simply when they feel like giving someone or some issue they don't like a hard time. This just the latest incident.

    In this case, though, I honestly can't decide if they rigged the audience this time because they wanted to give Galloway some Jewish rope with which to hang himself, or to give him the victim role in order to encourage public sympathy. The Beeboids know it happens whenever they try to gang up on Farage, for example, so maybe they thought they'd use it for a right-on cause this time.

    The fact that there are so many "critics of Israel" coming out of the woodwork to defend him makes me lean towards the latter theory.


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