Saturday 28 February 2015

Spot the difference

Talking about Pegida, there are some striking differences in the way their protest in Newcastle is being reported. 

Here's how the Sky New website starts its report:

A group with roots in Germany holds its first UK protest against Muslim immigration amid claims members are "right-wing nutters".

Some 400 demonstrators have taken to the streets of Newcastle to protest "against the Islamisation of Europe" in the first British demonstration organised by the PEGIDA group.
The movement was formed in Germany last year and holds regular marches in the country calling for a restriction in Muslim immigration and the preservation of German culture.
On its Facebook page the group said: "We would like to remind everyone that this will be a peaceful rally where people from all walks of life will gather together to unite against extreme Islam, nothing else.
"We all have one main aim and that is to protect our British values and our culture."
And here, quite low on its UK page, is the BBC's News website's account:
More than 1,500 protesters have demonstrated against the first rally in Britain by a group opposed to what it calls the "Islamisation of Europe".
Supporters of the UK branch of German group Pegida gathered at Newcastle city centre's Bigg Market.
Critics claimed they were anti-Muslim and had come to "promote expression of hatred", which they denied.
A counter-rally took place in Newgate Street, within sight of about 400 Pegida UK demonstrators.
Northumbria Police, which had a cordon separating the two camps, said four arrests had been made after isolated scuffles.
The force said about 1,500 had been at the anti-Pegida march though supporters claim up to 3,000 had been involved.
Bradford West Respect MP George Galloway, who had travelled to join the Newcastle Unites counter-demonstration, praised the "response from local people". 
The Sky account initially focuses on the Pegida protest, the BBC account on the anti-Pegida protest. The direct quotes used reflect the same focus. Plus, the BBC headline puts 'anti-Islamisation' in inverted commas and the Sky News headline doesn't. 

Which is the most appropriate slant I'll leave you to decide - but 'slants' they most certainly are. 

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