Saturday 21 February 2015

Standing out like a sore thumb

Is the BBC's heavy coverage of the 'Chelsea FC racist fans' story proof of the corporation's habit of banging on about PC subjects, especially if they concern bad behaviour by 'us'? 

Quite possibly - though Sky News, ITV News, the Daily Mail, etc, are no less keen on the Chelsea story than the BBC. And it is an unpleasant and clearly newsworthy story.

Unlike the three media outlets listed above, however, the BBC opted not to report the large anti-freedom of speech demo in London by 'aggrieved' British Muslims a week or two ago (as we noted at the time). 

Story selection is a key indicator of bias. The BBC may not be guilty of unusual bias in their heavy coverage of the 'Chelsea fans are racist' story, as everyone else seems to be heavily covering it too, but on stories like the London demo the BBC has a bad habit of standing out like a sore thumb.

Charges of 'peculiar bias' from the BBC, therefore, remain compelling. 

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