Monday 2 February 2015

Totally like 'TFTD'

The one downside with scrapping 'Thought for the Day' would be that the Twitter feed TFTDAbridged would also have to stop. 

Its mission statement reads:
Every day the BBC's flagship news programme Today is interrupted by a couple of minutes of religious moralising. I can get it down to 140 characters or less.
Here's a recent sample:

28/01/2015 - Rev Dr Giles Fraser
Greece's debts should be written off. Jesus says so.

26/01/2015 - Rev Dr Jane Leach
I went for a walk but felt bad about it because I didn't connect with the community. Walks are only good with other people. 

21/01/2015 - John Bell
I met some poor people.

17/01/2015 - Rev Roy Jenkins
The two men who climbed El Capitan and some men detained at Guantanamo Bay are totally like Jesus.

15/01/2015 - Rt Rev Graham James
The British Museum has foreign stuff. I used to be scared of Germans. St Francis of Assisi went to Egypt and met Muslims.

27/12/2014 - Rev Lucy Winkett
I really like live singing. Also, Jesus. And Brian Blessed.

15/12/2014 Rev Professor David Wilkinson
Sports Personality of the Year and the X-Factor winner have been announced. It's important to include people. Also, Jesus. 

Much better than the real thing!


  1. It's years since I've listened to Today, so don't know much about the current Thought for the Day contributors, but it was always pleasing to see that our very own Jonathan Sacks, and now O.V.O. Ephraim Mirvis were in the line-up.

    Would anyone care to say how they compare with the Thoughters mentioned above?

    Hector Plasm

  2. I defy them to get Ann Atkins' ramble today down to 140 characters. The best i could come up with is:

    We all have hearts. Have a heart.

  3. The one TFTDAbridged came up with for Anne Atkins today was:

    "Prince Charles has a heart. So did Elizabeth I. My dad had a heart. There are hearts in shops. We should give Jesus hearts."

  4. On the subject of Johnathan Sacks, here's a prayer of his from a few years back:

    The gift of faith taught me to see the dazzling goodness and grace that surround us if only we open our eyes and minds. As the new year approaches, with the recession still in force, I find myself giving thanks to God for all the things that cost nothing and are worth everything.

  5. Oh dear...

    Word Verification has arrived. I'm being asked to prove I'm not a robot by my own blog.

    Neither me nor Sue ever asked for that. More unintended consequences.

    P.S. I'm not a robot.

    That said, I've been charging my battery in recent days and now I'm full of energy. Also, I am programmed just to do anything you want me to. Plus, I'm functioning automatic and dancing mechanic.

    OMG, I AM a robot!

  6. Regarding Sacks, it's a shame his insights into "dazzling goodness and grace" didn't extend to Rabbi Hugo Gryn.

  7. I ignore the robot, and it doesn't make any difference.
    It still publishes.


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